Recent Reviews & Testimonials

  • Always had my back
    From the day I first encountered Matt Knauss, he took the time and interest to know my case and my issues inside and out. He went out of his way to accommodate my needs, calling me while he was on vacation, or meeting me downtown instead of at his Kirkland office when I was unable to get there. He had a thorough knowledge of the law, the prosecutors and the judges, and knew how best to guide me through the system. He always considered my views and ideas and crafted strategy accordingly, but, when necessary, carefully and thoroughly guided me to the right approach. He never promised the moon, and always made sure I had reasonable expectations about potential outcomes. Yet, he achieved the best possible results. Matt was a great advocate in court, an understanding counselor in preparation and a well-informed litigator. I never want to be in a position that I have to hire him again, but I wouldn't hesitate to if necessary.

    - Chris

  • Matt is a hardworking lawyer
    Matt was one of the best lawyers I have worked with and he was always available to provide legal feedback whenever necessary. I definitely recommend Matt as a great/hardworking DUI attorney.

    - David

  • A great lawyer to have in your corner!
    Matthew was very kind and professional and best of all EFFECTIVE in getting my case dismissed 100%. I highly recommend Matthew for his expertise and strong sense of commitment to his case. I appreciated that he listened and took the time to understand my side of the story, and was totally on my side throughout this whole painful ordeal. I owe Matthew a lot more than his fee: peace of mind and a sense of vindication that money cannot buy. If you are wrongfully charged or just looking for someone to fight on your side, CALL MATTHEW!!!

    - Zoe

  • Knowledgeable and dedicated!
    Matthew was very diligent in his approach to my case. He made sure to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions before deciding on the next steps he would take in my case. I was impressed by his knowledge of the system, compassion towards my situation, and willingness to go the extra mile to help me obtain the best possible outcome. Matthew’s staff responded to requests promptly and were kind, courteous, and respectful during all my interactions. I highly recommend Matthew Knauss.

    - Stan

  • Exceptional Attorney
    Matt provided outstanding representation during the entire length of my case. I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of the law, and also his compassion. Matt's persuasiveness and ability to think outside the box resulted in a very favorable result. Matt is an exemplary attorney and I recommend Him to anyone finding themselves in need of representation.

    - Avvo Client

  • Matt Knauss helped reduce my fines, sentence, probation time and stress.
    Matt Knauss has been a great help to me. He has been professional and never made me feel like I'm a bad person for getting a DUI. He kept me informed every step of the way. Even when a clerical court error was not in my favor, he was quick to discover it and get me back in court to correct their mistake. I will never drive drunk again, but if one of my friends get a DUI I would definitely recommend Matt Knauss.

    - DUI client

  • Best Outcome Possible
    Matthew has worked with me over my case and has been hands on, and responsive the entire time. He helped me in every way possible, and his knowledge, and resources are far above the standard compared to other attorney's that I interviewed. He was very professional and helped me through the whole process far above what I'd expect of any attorney. I trusted his judgment throughout the processes of the courts and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Matthew comes HIGHLY recommended, as I was also introduced to him as a referral from one of his other clients and I haven't regretted being his client for one second.

    - Lucas