Knauss Law Firm Successfully Lands Two Case Dismissals for Clients

Not all criminal defense cases require a jury’s verdict to complete. Sometimes the most impressive legal battles are resolved through intelligent arguments and a total comprehension of the law, allowing it to conclude sooner than later. This was the situation for two recent cases I, Kirkland Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Knauss of Knauss Law Firm, handled, as each were granted a dismissal.

The first case involved a client who had been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). The prosecution’s claims seemed unreliable with just a cursory glance. To me, it was clear that the officer should have never arrested my client, for the grounds to justify an arrest were never present. This is the trouble with DUI arrests: so much of it is up to an officer’s discretion, which can be wrong from time to time. Ultimately, I was able to have all of the evidence following the arrest, including the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level results, suppressed and the Court chose to dismiss the case.

The second case involved a domestic violence assault claim that was just as big of a stretch, if not more, than the aforementioned DUI charges. My client was forced into an uncomfortable situation after being accused of domestic violence. The alleged witness who filed the complaint, however, did not seem dedicated to the details. Once I set the matter for trial, they became uncooperative with the prosecution, verging on reneging what they had said before, until the case had to be dismissed due to lack of assistance from the alleged witness. This case in particular shows that sometimes setting the case for trial is the best way to force the opposition’s hand and secure a quick, positive result.

At my Kirkland criminal defense law firm, I always make certain that I see a case from multiple angles. Boxing in your perspective to just one solution is practically a surefire way to cripple your chances of success. It is through this unique line of thinking that I can say I have been able to handle thousands of criminal defense cases in my career.

If you need my help with a criminal defense case in Kirkland, do not hesitate to contact me online and schedule your free initial consultation.